Measurement Conversion Cutting Board

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These cutting boards are beautiful, functional, and informative! Do you constantly have to look up measurement conversions when baking and cooking? Well, this cutting board can help with that!

It started as a request from a long time customer and now we are getting requests from everyone! These make wonderful gifts, but you should pick on up for yourself - no more trying to access an app on your phone with dirty hands!

We use bamboo cutting boards that can vary in size, please select the size you would like when customizing your board.

They come in 2 sizes - Extra Large with Channel (18" x 12") and Large (14' x 11").

You can Customize the name or leave that off all together. Please list the customization you would like when ordering.

These are engraved with our Laser Engraver and sealed with mineral oil. As such, you should not cut anything directly on the side with the engraving (we wouldn't want any bacteria to get into the wood!). You will want to hand wash these cutting boards if you plan on them being Functional as well as Fabulous!