Individual Interchangeable Icons (Small & Large)

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These little guys are a breeze to change on our Home signs with Interchangeable Icons. We have inset a magnet into the main sign and there is another magnet attached to each icon. Small Icons can be purchased individually for $6 and Large Icons for $10. For packs of 4, please see our product Customized Packs of Interchangeable Icons.

They are roughly 4" tall or wide for the small and roughly 10" for the large, depending on the shape of the Icon and they are all individually painted.

All signs are handmade. We use our GlowForge and hand tools to cut all of the wood, which we hand sand, hand paint, and glue onto each sign. The signs are then sealed to protect it from the elements.

Each Icon is made from either 1/8" or 1/4" Baltic Birch.

The Birthday Cake icon can be personalized with a name on the Large icon however cannot be personalized on the small due to size.

This listing is for the Icons ONLY. Please purchase our Small Home sign or Large Porch Sign with Interchangeable Icons to use these with.