Custom Engraved Photo Ornaments

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One of our family's favorite Christmas Traditions is decorating the tree together. We have ornaments from all of our vacations, memorable life moments, and our childhoods. We have ornaments from around the world and around the country. We even have ornaments that showoff our very Fancy Dogs!

These custom engraved wood ornaments come in 3 shapes.: Oval (4.75" x 3.6"), Circle (3.285" in diameter), and Square (3.75" x 3.75"). Size is a rough estimate and changes slightly with each individual picture.

Each ornament is engraved by our GlowForge onto Baltic Birch, and there is a small hole cut out for hanging. We put a thin, black frame around each ornament, unless another color is requested.

We can include text on the back of every ornament as well as your pet's name on the front or back.

These ornaments are a wonderful gift for family, to memorialize a loved one, to celebrate a special event (wedding, new house, first Christmas, new child, new pet).

Each ornament comes in a bag with a ribbon.


1. High resolution. Lower resolution can work but nothing less than 300dpi please.
2. Lots of color and contrast make for great engravings.
3. If choosing a photo with more than one face, subjects should be close together.
4. The photo should have extra room on all sides of the subject(s). This will ensure that when we crop the photo to fit, nothing will get cut out.
5. Photos that are extra light or extra dark will not turn out as great as other photos.
6. An out of focus or blurry picture will engrave out of focus or blurry.
7. Don't stress over having the perfect photo. If you like it, send it in and we'll go from there.