About Us

Hello, we are Fancy Dog Designs! And by we, I mean Kathryn and John Davis (Owners and Designers), Charlotte (Quality Assurance and Cheerleader), Ranger (Model and Logo Inspiration), Lady (Coordinator of the Rainbow Bridge), and our newest addition - Goldie Hawn Solo Davis (Playtime and Naptime Coordinator)!
We are an Active Duty Navy family who have traveled around the world, slowly adding kiddos - Human (Charlotte) and Furry (Ranger, Lady, and Goldie) - to our pack. Along our journey we have acquired different skills and LOTS of tools to create beautiful and very fun décor pieces for your home - inside and out!
John, an Active Duty sailor since 2004, hails from the Great State of Texas, while Kathryn, a North Carolina native, has spent most of her life as an Singer/Actor.  As an Active Duty family, we have had to reinvent our lives over and over again as we have moved around the country (and the world). After 12 years and 8 moves, we seem to have finally found our niche, and it is very exciting!
John, Kathryn and Charlotte
Walker Texas Ranger
Walker Texas Ranger "Danger" Davis
Lady Godiva
Lady Godiva "Diva" Davis
Goldie Hawn Solo Davis
Goldie Hawn "Solo" Davis